I installed Lubuntu on my clamshell iBook to see if I could use a modern web browser on this laptop computer. I was using OS X Panther, whch works great on this old machine, but I was stuck with Firefox 2, and iTunes 8. With Lubuntu 12.04 I could try the latest Firefox, and transferring files off my iPod touch – something that is not possible under Mac OS Panther.

I also tried the standard Ubuntu with the Unity desktop. It looked good on the small screen actually, but was too slow to be usable. This was not a surprise of course, I didn’t expect it to be fast on 366MHz.

Then I installed Lubuntu with the LXDE desktop, which was created to be more efficient than Ubuntu. This video shows how it works on the iBook. Short answer – the speed is okay but the wifi didn’t work and there are weird graphical glitches on the screen.

iBook SE Graphite specs:
CPU: 366 MHz PPC 750 (G3)
bus: 66 MHz
RAM: 576 MB
Video: ATI Rage Mobility with 2x AGP
display: 12.1″ 24-bit 800 x 600 SVGA
hard drive: 8GB CompactFlash (Photofast G-Monster 533X SLC)
wifi: Airport card
introduced: February 2000

Where to download the liveCD iso for PowerPC computers:

Classilla – the web browser for OS9

If you want to know why I’m bothering to mess with such an old computer, there are two answers.
1. Nostalgia – this was my first laptop computer.
2. The keyboard. I’m a keyboard geek and this is a joy to type on.

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