Recording a screencast using Ubuntu Linux and gtk-recordMyDesktop. I have had some trouble in the past getting my screen captures to work properly and this is a test to see if I have it working. If this is successful I can make more videos about how you can do interesting things on the Internet.

What I did to get the audio working was to open the Advanced settings and change the Sound Device from DEFAULT to pulse. Also in the system Sound Settings my microphone gets automatically muted when I restart, so it had to be turned on and the levels reduced so my voice was not louder than the program that I am recording. The temporary folder runs out of disk space too fast because it’s using my boot partition. That will soon be changed to the (much larger) home partition.

The subject of the video is a game called Minecraft. I bought this game recently and have been building some things and trying to figure out how everything works. If you have any advice for me on powered railways or designing mob traps, please let me know!

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