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Do you have a favorite mug that you keep next to your computer all the time? Whether you are sipping water, or having hot coffee or tea, this is your go-to beverage container! You have one, right?

Well show your mug to YouTube! Post a short video response to this video showing off your epic mug. Tell a story about it if you want, or just post a mug photo to the Carl Blemming Facebook page.

Come on YouTube… SHOW ME YOUR MUG!

My mug was from Cornish Hill Pottery, in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Pay It Backward – Five Channels to Check Out

Pay it backward – making a video to recommend five YouTube channels that have fewer subscribers than I do. This is a contest that you can enter too, with a prize of $50.00! Upload yours before the end of September if you want to participate.

Buck Redbuck – Travel Dude

Craftchest’s Nation of Truth

Quite Decent – Name That Snack

Nora Dunn – The Professional Hobo

Tara Talk – Comedy for grownups

Tell them Carl Blemming sent you!

No More Ads on my Videos

In my humble opinion, the new types of advertisements that are playing on YouTube videos are too intrusive, and I am going to stop monetizing my videos in order to spare my subscribers the discomfort of waiting for ads to play before watching the video they clicked on.

There may be an occasional affiliate link in the description box, but it will not interrupt your video watching experience.

The Five Dementians

Telling the story of the Five Dementians, an inpromptu singing group that I had a part in back in the 1980’s. We made a few novelty songs and mailed them to Dr. Demento to see if he would play them on his nationally broadcast radio show.

We had two goals: 1. to have fun. 2. to become famous like Weird Al Yankovic.

Thank You For Subscribing

If you subscribed to my channel on YouTube recently, thank you!

Please let me know what type of videos you like, so I can make more. Leave a comment or send me a Youtube message. You can also reach me through Twitter or Facebook:

Twitter profile page
the Carl Blemming Facebook Page

Thanks again!

Blemming Movie Trailer

A contest entry for the Moonpies channel. The challenge was to make a video without speaking, so I made a movie trailer using one of the templates from iMovie. I added some names to the credits just to give a shout out to some of the people who comment on my videos. Thanks!

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