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New videos will be on YouTube

Just wanted to add a note here to let you know that I’m still making videos, although they aren’t always posted to this website. You can always see my most recent video uploads on my YouTube channel page here:


Subscribing to the channel will show my new videos on your YouTube homepage.

I recently gave up home computers as a lifestyle design experiment, so it’s a little harder to update a blog like this. The videos being made now are edited on an iPod Touch.

The Facebook page for Carl Blemming also has more updates than this blog, you can “like” the channel here:


Thanks for watching my stuff! And please let me know what you think. A big reason I put these videos online is to get feedback about what I’m doing and to ‘meet’ people from around the world. Go ahead and write me a message on YouTube or Twitter. Thanks again!


Dark Room

Things found in my father’s old photographic dark room, related to developing black and white prints from 35 mm negatives.

Goodbye Twinkies

Twinkie maker Hostess closes their doors, after failing to reach a labor agreement on wage and pension cuts.

Memorial built to honor the Saratoga residents who served in the military. First World War, Korean Conflict, World War II, Vietnam Era. Uploading this on Veteran’s Day 2012

Marauder in Path of Exile

Progress report on my Marauder in Path of Exile, who is now level 47 and kicking butt in Act 2 of Ruthless difficulty.

Click for information about the game: Path Of Exile

This is a simple build based on pure strength. He specializes in two-handed mace weapons and a high armor rating for defense. Speed and maneuverability are a subspecialty, using gear to increase running speed and passive skills to boost attack speed.

The main attack skill is Heavy Strike with 2 support gems that add lots of elemental damage. I sometimes swap this for Infernal Blow or Glacial Hammer depending on the type of enemy. My right click skill is Ground Slam, which is does less damage but is great for hitting a whole group of foes at the same time. It also can hit at range, so I slam the ground as a large monster is approaching me. I have a couple totem skills that are useful for distracting crowds of monsters.

This character has been doing well in the late game, but I would like to find a better suit of armor, that hopefully has more than 4 linked sockets. I could also use more mana, as I run out too often and have to drink potions to continue attacking.

Pringles Speaker Auction

Link to the eBay auction for this Pringles Speaker

This is the link to the eBay auction where, for the next 7 days, you can bid on the Pringles Speaker that I unboxed in my other video. I started the auction at $5.00 with shipping included – so I may break even or lose money depending on the high bid and how far I have to ship it. This is just my way to get the speaker out to someone who watches my videos.

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