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It looks like rain.

Rough Terrain video effect from the Action Movie FX App.


A pit is a good way to keep your chickens under control in Minecraft. You can put a ladder on the side to get yourself out, and currently it seems chickens cannot climb ladders. Just tempt 2 or 3 of them into the pit and keep on feeding them wheat and the chickens will multiply beyond belief. You will also get more eggs than you know what to do with.

A Mob Farm That Works – Minecraft

This is a mob farm design that actually works to generate lots of items dropped by monsters when they die – gunpowder, rotten flesh, string, bones and arrows. It takes quite a bit of resources to build, but once it’s done you won’t have to worry about running out of arrows or other useful items.

The spawner should be built 25 blocks higher than ground level over a small island that has minimal caves underneath it. This gives you more stuff because the inside of the trap is the only place within range that the mobs can spawn. Just stand on the island and watch the mobs fall.

This trap also has a simple redstone circuit with two pistons and water that washes all the loot out of the trap into a trench for easy collection. Another vertical redstone wire closes off the hole so mobs stay in the trap while the stuff is collected.

The inside of the spawner is 2 blocks high, so that all mobs can appear except for endermen, who are 3 blocks tall. Endermen are excluded because they pick up blocks and move them, and I didn’t want to have to repair the trap constantly.

Vintage Tabletop Bowling Game

This is a bowling game that was in my grandparents house. Sometimes when I was a kid, we would set it up and play a few games. It has metal balls that you bowl by rolling them down a wooden ramp. You can aim the shot by positioning the ramp. The alley has gutters, and a ball return on the side.

The label says:
Fellowcrafters, Inc.
Complete Handicraft Service & Supplies
Boston, Massachusetts

Creative Commons license music: “At Rest” from

On A Rail – Minecraft Achievement

Here I am trying to earn the Minecraft Achievement called “On A Rail”, where you must travel by minecart at least 1 km from where you started. Using all my reserves of iron to make minetracks, and raiding all the abandoned mineshafts that I could find to collect more tracks. The track has to be at least one thousand blocks long. I start with momentum from riding down a large ramp, then rely on getting a boost from gold powered rails along the way.

Path Of Exile by Grinding Gear Games

I was fortunate enough to be randomly selected to be in the closed beta test for this new computer game called Path of Exile by Grinding Gear Games. You can play a Marauder, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Shadow, or Duelist character. Players who love the Blizzard North game Diablo 2 will be familiar with the flow of game play. I highly recommend this new game to Diablo players! Wait for the open beta coming in the next few months, or watch this video to the end to see how you can download and play right now.

Full support available for Windows computers, and you can also play on Linux or Mac using the WINE Windows compatibility layer. Fight hordes of undead monsters on the mysterious cursed island of Wraeclast using magic spells, sword and sheild, two handed axe, or claw and traps. Characters are customizable so you play the game any way you want to.

The Diablo Barbarian is called Maurauder, and the Sorceress is called a Witch. If you like playing an Assassin, try the Shadow character. The Templar is kind of like a Paladin, but not really. There’s no real Necromancer player, but a Witch can summon minions. Of course the Ranger is the closest thing to an Amazon in Diablo2.

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