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Lone duck

The single duck walks alone in the park, looking for something to eat. At first it may seem sad, but the duck is in his natural element. This is how it should be.

Hurricane Sandy Field Report 3

Noon on October 30, and the superstorm is now over. One thing I forgot to say in the video is that we did not lose power. About 12,000 customers lost their power in the Capital District, an area with a population of 840,000. The good news is that we were fortunate. The bad news is that nothing cool ever happens here weather-wise!

Hurricane Sandy Field Report 2

Now 5:00 PM on October 29th, and the storm is a bit closer.

Hurricane Sandy Field Report 1

Hurricane Sandy approaches New York State, and the eye of the storm will probably miss the center of the state. It sure is windy though here at 12 noon, October 29, 2012.

It looks like rain.

Rough Terrain video effect from the Action Movie FX App.

Birds in Parking Garage

The smallest one was the bravest. Some birds and lots of concrete in the parking structure. And some weird dude with a camera following them around.

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