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Human TNT Cannon in Minecraft

The underwater human TNT cannon I built in Minecraft, using the plans by Monkeyfarm. Each trip uses 16 blocks of TNT, to launch yourself into the air and land safely in water. The TNT explosion does not kill you in survival mode with this design.

I was thinking this might be a fast way to get up to a floating island in the sky, or part of a crazy obstacle course. Try it!

Minecraft Houses

You can build a house out of anything in Minecraft, even fruits and vegetables. Dirt house, ice house, pumpkin house, melon house.

Simple Water Elevator

An easy to build water elevator for towers and high-rise buildings in Minecraft. This was inspired by the water transport systems used in mob traps to raise the monsters 24 blocks above the player. I made this in my glass tower so I wouldn’t have to always use the stairs to get up to the top floor. All you need are wooden signs, glass for the side, and at least one iron bucket to carry the water. It’s much cooler than just using ladders.


A pit is a good way to keep your chickens under control in Minecraft. You can put a ladder on the side to get yourself out, and currently it seems chickens cannot climb ladders. Just tempt 2 or 3 of them into the pit and keep on feeding them wheat and the chickens will multiply beyond belief. You will also get more eggs than you know what to do with.