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Computer Nerd gives up Computers

Deciding to take a break from using full-size modern computers for a month or two, but not giving up the Internet. Still staying online using an iPod Touch.

This sabbatical was motivated by over-use of my computer as an entertainment device (streaming video, games). Also inspired by some Buddhist concepts and a long-term plan to upgrade to a faster computer. Once I figure out what I’m going to intentionally create with a new machine, I’ll pick one operating system (Linux, Windows or Mac) and get a serious upgrade.

Dark Room

Things found in my father’s old photographic dark room, related to developing black and white prints from 35 mm negatives.

Goodbye Twinkies

Twinkie maker Hostess closes their doors, after failing to reach a labor agreement on wage and pension cuts.

Memorial built to honor the Saratoga residents who served in the military. First World War, Korean Conflict, World War II, Vietnam Era. Uploading this on Veteran’s Day 2012

Lone duck

The single duck walks alone in the park, looking for something to eat. At first it may seem sad, but the duck is in his natural element. This is how it should be.