This is a very creepy song, good for Halloween parties. It’s a sequel to “My Friend Jason” by the Five Dementians. The song is a tribute to the 1984 film “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” in which the character Tommy Jarvis seemingly defeats Jason Voorhees with his own machete.

Chant: Scream-Cry-Bleed-Die

Our friend Jason’s back again
His killing reign will never end
Killing to the left and right
In the night-time or the light

Jason’s back – heads will roll
Folks will die, blood will flow
Jason’s out – he’s on the run
Killing people, having fun

Tommy’s here to break the rule
He’s here to replace our fiendish ghoul
Jason’s dead – he’s gone away
Tommy’s here – he’s here to stay

Don’t be foolish – stay inside
By this rule you must abide
Stay away from Crystal Lake
Or we’ll send flowers to your wake

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