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Blemming Movie Trailer

A contest entry for the Moonpies channel. The challenge was to make a video without speaking, so I made a movie trailer using one of the templates from iMovie. I added some names to the credits just to give a shout out to some of the people who comment on my videos. Thanks!

Blur All Faces on Youtube

Trying out the Blur All Faces tool on YouTube, which is supposed to let you obscure the identities of individuals within your video. This video tests the filter on my face, my face with sunglasses, and a couple drawings of faces on paper. CLick these images to see the drawings I used to try and fool the face detector on YouTube:

Vintage Tabletop Bowling Game

This is a bowling game that was in my grandparents house. Sometimes when I was a kid, we would set it up and play a few games. It has metal balls that you bowl by rolling them down a wooden ramp. You can aim the shot by positioning the ramp. The alley has gutters, and a ball return on the side.

The label says:
Fellowcrafters, Inc.
Complete Handicraft Service & Supplies
Boston, Massachusetts

Creative Commons license music: “At Rest” from

Dark Island Scottish Ale

Here is a beer tasting featuring Dark Island, an authentic orcadian dark ale brewed at the Orkney Brewery in Quoyloo, Scotland. This is my first beer review, so please let me know if you want to see more of this kind of video.

In the video I mistakenly say it’s Dark Island Reserve, which is a limited edition premium beer with 10% ABV. This is actually the regular non-premuim Dark Island in the smaller bottle, which has 4.6% ABV.

Pringles Speaker Auction

Link to the eBay auction for this Pringles Speaker

This is the link to the eBay auction where, for the next 7 days, you can bid on the Pringles Speaker that I unboxed in my other video. I started the auction at $5.00 with shipping included – so I may break even or lose money depending on the high bid and how far I have to ship it. This is just my way to get the speaker out to someone who watches my videos.

The Blemming Mail Box

Thanks to Capt Rob Lee for the photograph!

Hey everybody! Feel free to send me something in the mail. There’s a good chance I’ll make a video about it and promote your YouTube channel.

Carl Blemming
P.O. Box 2827
Glenville, NY 12325-0827

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