My response to a question from Corbett Barr, about whether you have decided to use swear words in your online content (videos, blog posts). I suspect there is no clear-cut answer as there is a spectrum of opinions.

1. For some people, every other word out of their mouth is a swear word. Maybe they were brought up in a house where the adults didn’t watch their language and they think this is normal? Or maybe they think this makes them sound more street-wise.

2. Some people use swear words in every blog post. They do this to attract a certain type of audience – readers who believe that swearing makes your content more down-to-earth or more honest.

3. Some people very rarely swear, only using it to place extreme emphasis on their point. Because they do not curse normally, it adds more impact to their topic. This group probably thinks that group 2 is lazy because they did not go through the effort to write a phrase that conveys their point, and instead defaulted to a baser level of language.

4. And the last group is people who never swear at all.

I’m probably somewhere between group 3 and 4. And of course I DO NOT think everyone should follow my example – please just do what you think is right for your audience.

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