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SEO on YouTube | Computer Stuff

On-page SEO for Youtube Videos can get you more views. When you use techniques of SEO on YouTube, your videos are more likely to appear in the search results when people type your key phrase into the search box. Off-page SEO is mostly about getting people to link to your video page, which is a topic for another video.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

YouTube Keyword Tool

Search Engine Optimization is usually for websites, but the techniques can also be applied to Youtube video pages. When you do SEO for Youtube, choose a specific keyword phrase that you want to rank for and include it in four places on your video. These four places are described in this video. Enjoy!

Do you use swear words in your videos?

My response to a question from Corbett Barr, about whether you have decided to use swear words in your online content (videos, blog posts). I suspect there is no clear-cut answer as there is a spectrum of opinions.

1. For some people, every other word out of their mouth is a swear word. Maybe they were brought up in a house where the adults didn’t watch their language and they think this is normal? Or maybe they think this makes them sound more street-wise.

2. Some people use swear words in every blog post. They do this to attract a certain type of audience – readers who believe that swearing makes your content more down-to-earth or more honest.

3. Some people very rarely swear, only using it to place extreme emphasis on their point. Because they do not curse normally, it adds more impact to their topic. This group probably thinks that group 2 is lazy because they did not go through the effort to write a phrase that conveys their point, and instead defaulted to a baser level of language.

4. And the last group is people who never swear at all.

I’m probably somewhere between group 3 and 4. And of course I DO NOT think everyone should follow my example – please just do what you think is right for your audience.

On A Rail – Minecraft Achievement

Here I am trying to earn the Minecraft Achievement called “On A Rail”, where you must travel by minecart at least 1 km from where you started. Using all my reserves of iron to make minetracks, and raiding all the abandoned mineshafts that I could find to collect more tracks. The track has to be at least one thousand blocks long. I start with momentum from riding down a large ramp, then rely on getting a boost from gold powered rails along the way.

Birds in Parking Garage

The smallest one was the bravest. Some birds and lots of concrete in the parking structure. And some weird dude with a camera following them around.

Mongoose Sycamore Mountain Bike

Getting my 25 year old bicycle out of the shed so I can clean it up and go on some rides this summer.