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Path Of Exile by Grinding Gear Games

I was fortunate enough to be randomly selected to be in the closed beta test for this new computer game called Path of Exile by Grinding Gear Games. You can play a Marauder, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Shadow, or Duelist character. Players who love the Blizzard North game Diablo 2 will be familiar with the flow of game play. I highly recommend this new game to Diablo players! Wait for the open beta coming in the next few months, or watch this video to the end to see how you can download and play right now.

Full support available for Windows computers, and you can also play on Linux or Mac using the WINE Windows compatibility layer. Fight hordes of undead monsters on the mysterious cursed island of Wraeclast using magic spells, sword and sheild, two handed axe, or claw and traps. Characters are customizable so you play the game any way you want to.

The Diablo Barbarian is called Maurauder, and the Sorceress is called a Witch. If you like playing an Assassin, try the Shadow character. The Templar is kind of like a Paladin, but not really. There’s no real Necromancer player, but a Witch can summon minions. Of course the Ranger is the closest thing to an Amazon in Diablo2.

What Is A Smoker?

What is a nonsmoker anyway? Is it someone who has never used tobacco in their life? Or someone who has not smoked in the past week or two? How much time has to pass before a cold-turkey quitter is considered an ex-smoker?

Personally, I don’t have a smoking habit. I had a cigar while recording this video, and I may have another one sometime this year. Or I may not. I never smoke cigarettes, because I actually think they are disgusting. I’m really not a smoker.

This cigar was manufactured by 7-20-4

The statements expressed in this video represent my own view and not those of my employer, or my health insurance company.

Duck Preening for a Date

A duck prepares himself for an encounter with a female of the species.