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Clean out your Laptop Fan and KEEP COOL

Prevent overheating and extend the life of your desktop replacement laptop computer by removing all the dust and cat hair from the fan and power supply. It’s simple to do and keeps your machine running cool. Almost as cool as you, daddy-o.

If a creeper explodes in a forest…

If a creeper explodes in a forest, does anyone hear it?

Here I am testing the FRAPS demo on my Windows 7 partition, which only records 30 seconds at a time. This is enough time to find a creeper in Minecraft and avoid dying to his explosion.

This was ridiculously hard to create using free software, because all the programs I tried to use to slow down the video also removed the audio. I had the extract the sound and slow it down in Audacity, then re-encode it onto a slowed copy of the video. It was difficult, but here it is. Me surviving a creeper explosion.

Action Movie FX App Review

Search the App Store for “Action Movie” to find this App for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It lets you records short video clips and add special effects, most of which are things crashing or blowing up. Check it out, the first few effects are free, the rest will cost ya. If you have any idea for a video, let me know and I’ll buy the effects and record something for you.

Convert Cassette Tape to Digital MP3 file

Ion Audio USB Portable Tape-to-MP3 Player with Headphones

The ION Tape Express Tape-To-MP3 Converter/Player appears to be just what I need to transfer my old audio recordings off cassette tape into a modern digital format, so I can finally get rid of my dusty box of old tapes. Will it work? Who knows? Seriously, who gives a crap. I’ll try it and see what happens.