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Super Electro-Magnet

Something unexpected happened when I decided to try out this super electromagnet device that I bought on eBay. The seller said it was like the Road Runner cartoon when Wile E. Coyote tried to catch the Roadrunner with a giant magnet. I did not believe them!!

After charging up the gadget, and switching it on with the remote control, my experiment was “interrupted”. Now I’ll have to repave the driveway.

What is up with those ten hour videos?

The longest video possible on Youtube now seems to be ten hours. Some youtubers have uploaded 10 hour long videos with annoying looped animations, and challenged people to watch the whole thing. Maybe I should get in on this! But how?

Jeep Mishap

The 1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic. It is a true American classic, from the part time four wheel drive, the classic style, the six cylinder engine. Look out!

Squashed Pennies, aka Elongated Coins

Touristy locations sometimes have these mechanical penny press machines, that will turn a coin into a souvenir of that area. Here I show you a few that I’ve made. Half of them were from a Disney trip in 2005. I am fascinated more by the press machines themselves than the flat coins they produce. Do you have one of these penny presses in your area?

Guinness Gauntlet – 60 ounces in 119.53 seconds

In which Carl Blemming attempts the Guinness Gauntlet. To drink 60 oz. of Guinness Draught in less than the time it takes to pour one perfect pint of stout.

It does not go well… Seriously, this is much more difficult than it looks. Guinness is a thick, creamy beer that fills you up fast!

60 ounces of Guinness contains:
625 calories
49.5g carbohydrates
1.5g protein
0g fat

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Snow in the City

We had our first major snowfall of the year last week. This video shows the mid-day light flurries in the air, from a point of view on top of a parking garage. There was about 8 inches total over two days, although much of it has melted since then.