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Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Do you know someone who is annoying you with all their bitching and complaining? Send them a link to this video and maybe they will finally shut up!

Some other ways to say it: Would you like some ice for that burn? Do you want a tissue for your issue? Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it.

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Randomly Choosing a Winner for a Contest

In this video a winner is randomly chosen from a list of people who commented on a Youtube video. First I use this YouTube Comment Scraper to create a list of the commenter’s names.

After removing my own name from that list, I copy and paste it into the List Randomizer. This will put the names in random order, with the top name being the one you choose for the contest.

Because I said this is only open to subscribers to my channel, I then verify that the winner is a subscriber. He will hear from me soon via Youtube PM about how to collect the prize.

Green Lantern PEZ Dispenser

The Green Lantern Pez Dispenser dispenses Pez candy pellets, like a hero.

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How to Make Charcoal in Minecraft

This is mostly a test of my computer’s performance in recording gameplay using gtk-recordmydesktop in linux, with a lower screen resolution. Normally I have 1920×1200 pixel display resolution, but for this video I temporarily changed it in NVidia settings to 1152×864 to see if the lower resolution would result in less screen lag.

To make torches without coal, just chop down a tree, use the wood to make a pickaxe, then get enough cobblestone to make a furnace. Then burn wooden planks to cook wood logs to make charcoal.

Carol Ann CD Giveaway

Carol Ann is a country music singer and a truck driver’s daughter. Her CD album is entitled Just Fishin’. An autographed copy of the CD will be given away to one of the Carl Blemming subscribers. (Not the one in this video, another one.)

If you would like a chance to win the CD, please leave a comment on the youtube video before December 17, 2011 and make sure you are subscribed to this YouTube channel. A comment will be randomly chosen and the lucky person contacted via YouTube message, to ask for their mailing address.

See Carol Ann’s website here:

I Have You — Performed by recording artist Carol Ann. Writers: Bob Dellaposta and Dusty Drake. Music Used With Permission.

How To Make Your Own T-Shirt

Link to the Carl Blemming Shirt Shop

With some experience using CafePress, and after researching Zazzle and SpreadShirt, I decided to use Printfection to make my official Carl Blemming Tee Shirts. These websites make it easy to offer products for sale online. The hard part is coming up with some kind of design for your T-Shirts. If you are good with Photoshop or the Gimp software, then you might be able to make some money selling shirts and other products.