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Roth T Shirt Review

In this video I review a Roth T-shirt bought in Michigan, and seriously consider buying a military-style cap to replace my old blue baseball cap that I have had forever. If anyone wants get me a Christmas gift there is a big hint in this video.

Songify turns spoken words into a song

I found this iPhone app called Songify. It takes your spoken words and turns it into a song! How cool is that?

Blemming Stickers Follow-up Video

Thank you to everyone who stuck their Blemming Sticker on something and emailed me a photo! Last summer I gave away Blemming Stickers and asked people to send photos. Only a few people participated, but I do have some pictures to show you. After a short introduction this video is a photo montage set to some electronic music by Kevin MacLeod.

The band mentioned is called This Is Not Cake:

Thanks to Bonnie from Low Ball Louie’s Cigars

Creative Commons license music: Deliberate Thought.mp3 from

I Can’t Do It!

A response to SuperCaliListic who asked a question on YouTube and here I am answering. What can’t you do that everyone else can?

A strong thunderstorm was rolling in, so I ran outside and dropped my camera in the back porch on its tripod. I took cover inside and left the camera running for half an hour. This is the first twelve minutes of a storm that later produced a tornado in Amsterdam, NY on September 4, 2011. Video was recorded in upstate New York, about 9 miles away from Amsterdam.

Most of the excitement is over after the first four minutes, but it looks like there was a lightning strike right in front of the camera at the 2:35 mark, and another strike further away at the 8:10 mark. The weather is usually pretty boring here, but thunder storms are exciting!

If I could do this over again I’d put that metal chair out in the yard in front of the camera to see if the lightning would hit it. I would also use a better camera than this old Canon Powershot A470. It really might be time for me to finally get a HD camera.