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Thanks for the Arrrrrrr

Response video to thank Captain Rob from Pirate Lifestyle TV for sending the fridge magnet. Arrrrrrr!

Links mentioned in video:
Captain Rob’s Giveaway Blog Post
Pirate Lifestyle TV Channel on YouTube
The book on Amazon: Sail the Seven Seas of Freedom
How to get a Free Blemming Sticker

Trim That Bush

In the summertime, sometimes you get lazy and put off trimming the bush. Then it just gets uncomfortable and embarrassing to look at that thing. Plus it obstructs the view! Today it was time for a trim and you get to watch me do it. If you like baby birds there’s a bonus at the end of the video for you.

Creative Commons license music: “Cold Funk” from

Chips and Beer

It is what it is. Potato chips and a frosted mug of beer.

Free Stickers

As a thank you for watching my videos, I will send you a FREE Blemming Sticker! To get a free sticker, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) postmarked before the end of July 2011 to:

P.O. BOX 2827

One sticker per envelope! Although, if you say “please” I’ll probably send you two. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

If you don’t want to mail an envelope, you can send the postage via PayPal. Click the orange “buy now” button to send me a postage stamp on PayPal. Remember to include your mailing address. If you are outside the USA just set the quantity to 2 stamps. This button will be removed at the end of July 2011.

(button removed)

Email a photo of your Blemming Sticker stuck to something! There will be a follow-up video showing all the places around the world where these stickers end up. Send me your YouTube name with the photo and I’ll link to your channel in my follow-up video (that’s some free publicity for you!) Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you’ll see the follow-up video when it comes out!

Pringles Can Speaker

The Pringles Speaker was an idea that interested me enough to buy some extra chips and mail in the receipts to get a free speaker. It took about 3.5 weeks, but it finally arrived and now you get to watch as I open the package and see what they sent me.

Does the speaker use the cardboard tube as a resonating chamber to amplify the sound? It is wireless? How practical is this thing? Does it work with the iPod Touch? Watch this unboxing video to find out!

Further experiments with the speaker can:
In the video I tried playing streaming music from the Pandora App, and it works well. I also tried playing music from the iPod’s built-in Music App, and a “Voice Control” screen kept interrupting the music. I think the iPod was confused about whether the device was a microphone or a speaker.

The cord is about 36 inches long. The speaker works when plugged into the headphone jack of my laptop computer.

In the video I said it sounded “tinny”. I meant to say it’s like a treble speaker alone, and when attached to a Pringles can it seems to add some bass. Depending on the song sometimes it sounds hollow, like voices in a tunnel.

Old Fashioned Popcorn Popper

Let’s Get Cooking episode in which we make popcorn with a vintage electric popper that has been in storage for 15 years. Does it still work after all this time? Electric sparks! Exploding kernels! It is better than microwave popcorn?

The Popper-PLUS: “a handsome appliance that does so many things well”
Made by Wyndale Mfg. Corp. of Indianapolis, Indiana

The “postal zone” address on the card dates this between 1943 and 1963 according to this Wikipedia page. The use of “Fire King” glass on the top would date it between 1942 and 1945 according to this FireKing faq. So this popper was made around 1944.

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