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FACEPALM: a video response

In Internet discussions, the term “facepalm” is used as an expression of embarrassment, frustration, disbelief, disgust, shame or general woe. It often expresses mockery or disbelief of perceived idiocy. The facepalm is sometimes expressed using a YouTube video.

I was trying to emulate the classic Jean Luc Picard pose shown below. I had to try five times before I got close – it’s actually harder than it looks to get in the right position!

Can the Clamshell iBook with a 366MHz G3 PowerPC chip play YouTube videos? Not exactly. Watch the video to see examples of how bad it is, and hear about a couple of possible solutions. This nice solid-state laptop computer is great for some things, but I use my other computer for watching internet videos.

Creative Commons license intro music: Itty Bitty 8 Bit.mp3 from

Talking Ben and the International Room

Ben the talking dog gets a phone call and a free gift from an old friend.

Welcome Video

This is an introduction video that I made for new viewers who find me through YouTube. It will be the first video shown on my Channel Page. Hello there!

These are the links to my Facebook Page (please go there and click like) and the Mailing List Signup.

At the Detroit Airport, between Concourse A and Concourses B/C there is an underground tunnel with moving sidewalks. It has a choreographed light show that plays on the walls and ceiling along the whole length of the tunnel, synchronized with music that plays over the loudspeakers. The walls are made of a frosted glass with designs on them that look like coastlines on a map. I went through the tunnel recording a video on my iPod touch, standing still on the moving walkway as people moved around me.

New Mailing List

A mailing list for the Carl Blemming Channel is now available. At this point I’m not sure what will be sent to your email inbox (if anything). If you would like to be notified of future developments here at Carl Blemming please type in your email address. One thing I’m working on is a “How To” for getting started on YouTube, so an email will go out to this list when that is ready. Thanks!

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