Avoid stylists in hair salons, to save your money and get your hair cut exactly the length you want. Do it yourself! You will need: tape, marker pen, a comb, sharp scissors with long blades, mirror and a trash basket.

Who knows what they will do at a barber shop? You may get a different stylist each time and you never know if they’ll trim your hair the way you want or the way THEY think is “in style”. Take control of the situation and you never have to worry. The video explains the specific technique used to trim my own long hair without depending on anyone else.

One thing I like about this method is that when your hair is tied up in back, the last 2-3 inches of the ponytail will have a “layered” look. If you just have a friend cut the ends horizontally while your hair is laying on your back, the ends will all be the same length and it won’t look as natural.

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