A tribute to D-Pow


Here we go again, spitting some tight rhymes
These the worst of times, the best of times
I’m a better actor than Mel Gibson in Signs
And I sell more tracks than Whitney does lines.

This be the classic track of the year
I just want to be loud and clear
Like they say, don’t show no fear
He’s gots your back, D Pow wuz here

LFO was my mentor, they showed me the ropes
While other crackas tie nooses, I make rhymes so dope
Got Gazoo on my tracks again, drafting the hottest beatz
Got Sooey on the hook again, bringing it to the streets


​I gots to get these rhymes off my mind
With lines like this, make you press rewind
With beats like this, find an ass to grind
Hotter than all Kardashian sisters combined.


Let me be clear, you want no beef with me
Clock you upside your head, see stars for weeks
Let’s finish this track now and here
So I can go back to downing a beer
When they ask what track had the biggest premiere
Remember to say it proud, D-Pow Wuz Here!

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