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Public Service Announcement

A simple warning for the complex times that we live in.

Post your question in the comment section below! Please note, WTF is not a question.

Gods in Boxes

The Palladian Circle in Saratoga Springs. A strange garden monument with statues of satyrs and maenads from Greek mythology. The statues are under glass to protect them from the winter weather. The boxes get removed every year for the summer. The pyramid in the center is covering a huge stone sundial.

Hathorn! The Angry Spring.

Found this natural spring fountain on a walk through the park. It seemed like it was spitting at me. The water tasted like sulphur.

Also, this is my first video in HD.

Day Seven – Can iPod Touch Replace A Laptop?

Can an iPod Touch really take the place of a laptop computer? My opinion is stated in this video, after spending one week using the iPod touch 4G as my only computer. Why did I do such a thing, and what is the result?

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Talking a bit about productivity software. Mostly word processing to keep it simple. Text files synced to my desktop through Dropbox. Did I really try to file my IRS tax forms on an iPod?

If you join Dropbox through this link you get an additional 250 MB of free storage space!

Day Five – iPod Touch As Communicator

Options for getting in touch are discussed in today’s episode. Email with Google and Yahoo!, FaceTime or Skype. Also trying out Facebook and Twitter.

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