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Spam Eggs Spam Spam Bacon & Spam

In which our host is inspired by a Monty Python sketch to create a hearty breakfast meal. Then, he cooks it up while you watch. Following this, you click the “Like” button in sincere appreciation. Yes indeed.

Click here: Signs of the Time Movie

I know, I said “actually” too many times. Couldn’t edit them all out! 🙂 Seriously, buy a DVD. I know the director and he worked long and hard on this project. Please support his awesome work. Makes a great gift.

How much do I suck at Archery?

Got my old bow out to see if I can still hit anything. It’s a Ben Pearson Varsity 7120 60″ 25#. New arrows from Walmart.

Creative Commons license music: “At Rest” and “Desert City” from

Cheap Glasses: Good Deal -or- Waste of Money?

I bought some low-cost eyeglasses online. Was this a wise purchase?

The ones I got were frame #950421 from Zenni Optical.